Black Friday Furniture Sales Perth

Whether you’re moving into a new place or changing up the décor, there’s plenty on offer during our Black Friday sales. You’ll find something you like with Black Friday deals on a huge range of furniture, including dining tables and chairs, mattresses, bedding, couches and lounges all available online and in store. Plus with immediate delivery on most stock, this is a sale you won’t want to miss.

Pick Up a New Mattress This Black Friday Sale

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep! If you aren’t feeling refreshed when you wake up there’s a good chance you have the wrong mattress. Everyone’s different, so finding the right one can be difficult. Thankfully we’re discounting our mattresses by up to 60% during our Black Friday Sales. And, with one of Perth’s largest selections, we’re positive you’ll find one that feels just right. Our mattress range offers memory foam and gel-infused memory foam options. These are great for anyone who suffers from joint aches or pain, and anyone who has disrupted sleep due to a restless partner. Or if you’re prone to feeling those WA summers at night, our latex mattresses provide similar benefits without retaining as much heat.

Great Black Friday Deals on Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your own little oasis, where you can switch off and shed the stresses of daily life. We’re offering up to 50% off bedding this Black Friday so you can make the bedroom of your dreams. Unwinding is essential to maintaining your health and wellbeing. So, whatever stress-free means to you, we’ll help you find the items you need to build your own paradise.

Kick Back with Our Black Friday Sale on Couches

The perfect lounge is hard to find. It needs to be comfortable, stylish, and fit in with the rest of your décor. Luckily, we have one of the largest ranges of fabric and leather lounges, couches and sofas in Perth. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find a piece that complements the rest of your home. And you won’t be surprised to know that our Black Friday furniture sales include couches with discounts up to 40%.

Upgrade Your Dining Table & Chairs

The dining room is often the heart and soul of a home, it’s where we bond with one another over the stories of our days. But sometimes the same old dining table can dampen those great stories. Enjoy discounts of up to 50% on our dining room furniture during our Black Friday sales so you can change it up and reinvigorate those dinner time conversations with your loved ones.

Let’s get you sorted with our great Black Friday furniture sales this November. Shop at one of our seven Furniture Bazaar stores in Perth, or you can browse and buy online here.