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6 Tips to Create a Comfy Lounge Room

6 Tips to Create a Comfy Lounge Room

he one room of the house where everyone gathers and lingers is the one place that many people find difficult to arrange. No matter what you like to do with your decorating, you can quickly design your own comfortable lounge room by simply following these tips.


The best way to promote conversation and interaction between people is to set the room up so that everyone can see each other easily. Position chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture so that each person sitting down can see the others in the room without straining their necks or sitting awkwardly.

If you have a TV as the central point of the lounge, try to avoid facing all the seating towards that direction exclusively. While you can tilt all the seats to be facing the TV a bit, it’s best to make your arrangement comfortable for light conversations. Circular furniture designs around one main focal point create a relaxed environment for having a chat.

Pay attention to how each piece of the leather modular lounge suite is arranged. All the seats are placed around the central coffee table, giving excellent line of sight from one person to another anywhere in the room.


Nothing works against you like a pile of poorly-placed odds and ends in the lounge. Some things like magazines or decor can be appreciated, but if you have a habit of leaving DVDs, remote controls, gamepads, board games, or anything else around the lounge you are certainly going to make the space feel more stuffy and less liveable!

To cure this ailment, all you need is a touch of built-in, attractive storage to arrange your belongings. You can go with a TV unit or coffee table with shelves or drawers, a storage-heavy entertainment system, or even a bookcase for more open storage. Whatever works best with your other furniture and provides you enough room to hide away your everyday items is a good deal for you.

This Mildura 1400 TV Unit has enough room to tuck away your normal stuff, but it adds certain elegance to the room rather than detracting from the overall ambience of your lounge.


Whether it’s a cold winter movie night, a chilly morning, or just a day you feel like wrapping up a bit, a cosy lounge requires a few particular elements. First, throwing a shawl, afghan, or soft blanket onto the sofa is a must. It’s great for quickly making you warm as well as adding some extra dynamics to the visuals of the sofa. Make sure the blanket doesn’t clash with your other colours!

Second, loading the lounge seats with cushions will make anyone feel more at ease and at home. It can be difficult to feel as comfortable in a home where the seats are stiff and defined, but by adding a few soft cushions into the mix your guests will be stretching out and feeling great within seconds of sitting down! Cushions can go on any sitting surface; don’t limit yourself to simply placing them on the sofa or recliner. Even benches, ottomans, and classically designed chairs can benefit from a good cushion.

Another item to consider looking into to really make yourself and anyone else feel instantly cosy is a large area rug. I’m not talking about a hard, scratchy rug, but a shaggy carpet that almost makes you want to sleep on it as soon as you feel the weave. Never underestimate the power of a good rug to change the atmosphere of an entire room.

The Cologne 3 Seater + Chaise lounge is the epitome of stylish comfort.  The seat cushions are thick and inviting and the gorgeous throw cushions in muted tones make me want to curl up and relax.


You can ask almost anyone how they feel about a room with books and many people will give you the same answer: books make a room feel safe and relaxed, giving you the feeling of being at home. Get a bookcase for your lounge and fill it with arranged and stacked books of all kinds.

You can include some funky book ends, framed pictures, and interesting knick knacks between books to break up the design and keep your lounge from looking too much like a library. If you don’t have enough books to fill the shelves as you like, local thrift shops usually have a plethora of old leather bound books that you can pick up without breaking your budget.

Just imagine how incredible this Flexo L Bookcase would look with the right mix of books and your own personal decor!


Do you want visitors to feel a sense of inner warmth and friendliness when they enter your lounge? The fastest way to do this is to choose a palette of warm colours for the room and stick to it. These include ranges of reds, oranges, chocolate brown, and a variety of other colours in the right shades. Red is your safest bet if you want a failsafe warm colour that won’t be too overwhelming.

As long as you don’t go crazy with your colour of choice and make the entire room one solid shade of red, you’ll be able to craft your perfect lounge in a matter of minutes by choosing complementary pieces in similar hues.

If you want your warm colour to be the main colour in the room, choose an accent colour or two that will be consistent throughout the room to give some coherence. If your warm colour is the accent, choose accessories that are close to matching each other for the best end result.

I just love use of red with black and white accents against the beautiful white Genny Bonded Leather chaise lounge.  The red accents work well to turn what could be a cold space into a warm and inviting place to sit down and relax.


Light is the easiest design element to work with, because whenever you ask yourself if you need more of it the answer is always “YES!”. This especially applies to natural light, which makes any room look fantastically large and open, but works perfectly at transforming a lounge from “blah” to “wow”.

Do whatever you can to let in all the natural light possible. Keep the curtains open, hang mirrors around the room, and avoid blocking the windows at all costs! Installing lighting into your lounge is also a good option when natural lighting is not available. Lamps put off a great ambience for reading and other more intimate activities while larger overhead lights promote conversation and movement around the space.

Observe how the large wall mounted mirror makes the room appear large while also complementing the simple and light design of the Kelsey Chaise Fabric Lounge..

What do you think about all this talk of comfortable lounge rooms? Let me know if you have some tips of your own to share on our Facebook page!

Until next time,
Ashley xo

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