Fabric Care

Upholstery care plans

Because the purchase of your new Fabric Lounge is a valuable investment into your lifestyle and something to be pround of, we recommend that you should use care for it properly from day one. To assist you to better understand how to care for your new investment, we have some recommendations as to how to look after your furniture. We hope these will be of assistance to you.


Fibres are soft and comfortable and can greatly enhance the look of your home. These are some simple housekeeping things we recommend that should be implemented in the regular care of your furniture:

  • KEEP your furniture out of direct sunlight to help prevent fading
  • IF your lounge has loose cushions rotate them regularly
  • NEVER sit on the arms as this can cause undue stress on the frame
  • VACUUM your furniture weekly to remove dust and dry soilage
  • SPILLS should be attended to immediately by blotting them up with a clean, dry cloth. If your furniture has been protected with StainGard Protection than spills will, in most cases, bead up and will be easier to remove
  • SPOTS and MARKS should be attended to with a good fabric cleaner as, and when, they occur. We reommend that you use SPOT IT because we know it works so well on a large amount of different problems. SPOT IT is available from all Furniture Bazaar stores
  • FOOD should be scraped up with a spoon or blunt knife. Any residue will, in most cases, be able to be removed by using SPOT IT cleaner
  • CLEANING - A Regular professional clean of your fabric is essential to remove build-up of soiling. This helps to preserve the life of your fabric. We recommend that every 12-18 months is advisable for cleaning

Thank you for Purchasing your furniture at FURNITURE BAZAAR