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Bedroom Style Guide

Bedroom Style Guide

Are you a practical minimalist, a history junkie with a love for vintage or a city dweller longing for the countryside? Maybe you prefer the heavy rustic look or you are in favour for all things leather? No matter your style, your bedroom should reflect this. Read our bedroom style guide to create the bedroom that is just for you.

Vintage Style Bedroom

Are you in love with eras long gone past? Are you in love with items that are one of a kind? Well then, a vintage style bedroom could be just what you’re looking for. When you are looking for furniture to match your vintage bedroom style you should look for beds with metal frames or wooden bed heads. Our bedroom suites will save you time and money and take the complexity out of finding matching furniture pieces.

Pair it with:

- Place a mirror on the floor.

- Creamy white bedding and use accent colours such as moss green, pink, soft blue or soft lavender.

-Don't be afraid of patterns! Floral–, bird –or butterfly pattern can never go wrong.

Rustic Bedroom

This wooden bed frame is the perfect starter piece to create your rustic bedroom. Rustic bedrooms have been popular for several years now and the trend is still going strong! To create the rustic feeling of warmth and comfort, choose decor with a neutral tone with a focus on natural wood. Break it up with lighter colours on the walls, bedding or other accessories. Just as for the vintage bedroom, your best bet for finding the right accessories is to buy a bedroom package, this will save you money and time in trying to find matching pieces.

Pair it with:

- Faux fur rug or throw blanket

- Do you have a brick wall? Then you're lucky. Tear down the wallpaper to expose the brick.

- Natural timber shelving

- Contemporary lighting

Minimalistic Bedroom

The minimalist look is only increasing in popularity and no wonder, the clutter free and serenity of the style is not only good for our minds but it is also incredibly stylish. Contrary to common belief that a minimalistic decor is boring, the minimalistic look is modern, beautiful with a focus on practical simplicity.

Opt for a simple bed frame with straight clean lines. When choosing your bedding, opt for bedding in a neutral colour paired with accents in moody darks, white or mid-tone shades.

Pair it with:

– A green plant to add colour

– Textured cushions

– Furniture with straight lines or clean curves; stay away from the frills and ornate trims.

Country Style Bedroom

Dreaming of countryside living? Either metal or wooden frames with curved headboards, the country style is versatile, budget-friendly with a lot of different subdivisions: a warm southwestern decor, cheery yellow French or sturdy and rustic English?

Pair your metal or wooden bed with accessories with a hint of ethnic! Pair soft hues, rustic furniture with ethnic prints on rugs, cushion or other bedding.

French Style

Match your bed with cheery yellow, sage green or terracotta coloured bedding. Natural materials are important elements for the French country style: rough stained or painted plaster walls, beamed ceilings and rush-woven chairs are elements that are quintessential to the look. Accessories with a woven basket, colourful pottery with the classic French theme of roosters, olives and flowers.


English Style

Do you like the warm and lived-in lock? Then the English country style look is for you. Don't be afraid to used floral pattern, no matter if it is for the wall, drapery, linens or upholstery, flowers will be your friend. Add rustic wooden furniture for the English country style bedroom; browse flea markets or your grandparents' attic to find some hidden gems!



Hamptons Style

Inspired by the large villas from the New Yorkers favourite getaway, the typical Hamptons decor is classic and brings serenity to your bedroom. A large upholstered bedhead is the best way to achieve a Hampton style bedroom. Opt for a bedhead in a neutral colour and work with whites of all shades and choose a blue as your accent colour. For this style, linen will be your favourite material! Play with adding linen in layers and the occasional layer of cotton.

Pair it with:

- Place an ottoman at the end of the bed. Not only will this add to the Hampton feeling but also, you will get to enjoy some extra storage space.

- Beach and ocean themed artwork matching the colour palette of the bedroom

- A large mirror with an ornate frame making your bedroom look even bigger.

Leather Style

A leather bed frame breathes luxury and can also add a masculine feel to your bedroom. However, a leather bed frame is not necessarily the easiest to style. You can either opt for a dramatic bedroom decor using dark colours in various dark shades or balance your dark leather bed with lighter colours. Opt for linen in whiter shades and use accent colours in grey and brown shades. Match the colour of the bed with another element of the room such as the curtains or furniture.

Pair it with:

- Velvet quilt

- Pillows in different textures and materials.

Follow some of these tips for a fun, exciting bedroom you won’t want to leave! To view our entire bedding collection, visit our beds and packages. 

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