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Giving Your Bedroom A Makeover

Giving Your Bedroom A Makeover

Looking to refresh your bedroom?

Maybe you’re doing some renovations? Or, maybe you just want to mix things up? Well, we’ve got you covered with our favourite tips on how to get the most out of refreshing your bedroom.

Let’s start with the obvious one, the room is literally named after it. The bed. A bed can bring new life to a bedroom in so many ways. If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom, a new bed will make a huge improvement. When looking for a new bed, keep your existing furniture in mind – you’ll want your new bed to match. Think about what style you’re going for, you should have a consistent theme across your entire room.

In most rooms, the beds are kept fairly neutral, allowing other areas of the room to become the focal points. This makes most wood grains a safe choice, but if you’re going for a more luxurious style an all-white finish can give your room a touch of luxury. If you do keep the bed frame more neutral a bedhead can be an excellent room feature and is a great way to dictate the theme of the room. If it’s a coastal vibe you’re going for, a rustic herringbone bedhead and a light wood grain bed can really bring the coastal vibes.

But if you don’t want to go all out at once, you can start giving your room a new look by simply changing the bedding. New bedding can give your room a breath of fresh air. When it comes to quilts, textures are in. Look to experiment with different textures and patterns. Textured quilts can take your bedroom to the next level and act as an interesting room feature. A paisley pattern with a textured finish can make your bedroom feel like a boho wonderland. But on the other hand, solid neutral colours will never go out of style. Pair a charcoal quilt cover with a soft button bed head for a cozy winter retreat.

The easy way to make sure your new bed matches the rest of the room is to get it as a package. Matching pieces are the best way to set the tone of the room, but there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new bedroom package. You should be aware of how many pieces you need and how many come in the set you're looking at, ask yourself: do you need two bedside tables or just one? Tallboy or dresser, or both? Do you need a chair in your room? We have a wide range of bedroom suites in different styles and price ranges, and if the style you want doesn’t have all the pieces you need, we can mix and match the suites to help you make your perfect suite.

When redesigning your bedroom, it’s important to pick a style and stick to it and only have one feature in the room whether it’s a chair, bedhead, wall or quilt cover. But most importantly keep your budget in mind. Regardless of your budget, we have a wide range of styles and suites to suit every budget.

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