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Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

If you've been following my updates on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that I am a bit of a sloth.  I love a good nap and my absolute favourite place to be is tucked away in my bedroom.  I have made mine a sanctuary where I can go and switch off from the world for a while and relax.

Here are some things you can do to create your own beautiful bedroom sanctuary you will never want to leave…

Ditch the Clutter

Step one in making your bedroom a sanctuary is getting rid of all your clutter, or at the very least disgusting its existence.  Chances are there are many things in your bedroom that are cluttering things up that have great meaning to you so you wont want to ditch them into the bin, but you can put them into a bedside table or buy a bed with integrated storage.  If you’re handy and have some room in your room you could also use a gorgeous trunk or storage boxes that suit your aesthetic.

The Mykonos bedroom suite has plenty of storage to help you declutter, with double drawers in the bedside tables and two deep drawers integrated into the foot of the bed.

Go Dark to see the light

Nothing says cozy quite like the warm light of a lamp.  Invest in good block out curtains or blinds for your bedroom and use a warm bulb in your lamps.  Don’t be afraid to use a floor lamp in your bedroom either.  If you generally sleep solo a great hack is to have a lamp on your side of the bed and a floor lamp on the opposite side of the bed or on the diagonally opposite corner to wherever you sleep.  This will help give a gorgeous warm glow to your space without being overpowering and will help relax you without you even realising its happening.

More than just a soft glow from a warm lamp, this room has had warmth added by the golden tones on the linens and accessories.  This space is chic, stylish and feels like a warm hug to be in.

Say Goodbye To Digital

When I first decided to remove everything digital from my bedroom I had a mini panic attack.  Digital free space?!  Surely not!  But…it helps.  I have removed everything digital from my room, from the clock to the phone charger - they’re all now out in the “working” part of my house and I have never looked back.  Obviously, if you have digital devices for medical reasons you really need to have them in your bedroom, but any other digital devices should go.  I have never slept better than I do since going digi-free in my bedroom.  Its amazing.   Be brave and give it a try.

Going digital free also means you’re able to use gorgeous accessories like this chrome analogue alarm clock. I’d call that a bonus!

Keep It Cool

Cooler bedrooms promote better rest, so invest in a ceiling fan or air conditioner for your bedroom if you dont have one already.  Play with the temperature to work out the best temperature for you.  The PJs, linen and even mattress you choose can trap heat at night, so choose cotton sheets and PJs over other materials and invest in a good quality mattress that will help keep you cool while you sleep.  

A good rule of thumb when choosing a mattress is to buy the best you can afford.  This is one piece of furniture you wont want to be scrimping on.  A good mattress = a well rested you, and a well rested you = a happier and healthier you.  It really is that simple. 

Satisfy Your Senses

Include things you love in your room that speak to your senses.  

SEE - Choose colours that work for you.  Place pictures of loved ones around the room. Choose beautiful linens and soft furnishings that speak to you.

SMELL - Make your room smell just the way you like by burning incense, using essential oils in a diffuser or using scented room sprays. Bedrooms can get musty so make sure you open your windows to let in some fresh air as often as you can.

HEAR - A fan makes a wonderful metronomic sound that will lull your brain into a state of relaxation in no time.

TOUCH - Include faux fur or knit throws and shaggy cushions on your bed to bury your fingers in and stroke.  Sounds a little odd, but it will help you relax and wash away the day.  Give it a try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest blog.  If you have any tips you’d like to share head over to our Facebook page.  I’d love to hear from you.

Ashley xo

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