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Improve the use and feel of your space with barstools

Improve the use and feel of your space with barstools

Are you getting tired of your kitchen or another area of your home and want to add a bit of extra spark? You might not know it but investing in one or more bar stools might be the thing that takes your kitchen to the next level. Continue on reading to learn more about what a carefully curated set of bar stools can do for your home!

Investing in one or a set of bar stools is a great way to update your kitchen area or any other area in your house. Whether it is for you outdoor veranda, kitchen or as complementary seating at your breakfast bar, bar stools have several benefits. Among the perks, you will not only find that you save space in a crowded area but also an added modern touch to your space.

A simple search on Google will tell you there are heaps of options at your disposal. The demand for bar stools is high. There are several designs and types of bar stools you can choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, we are here to help!  Our suggestion to you is to think about the following questions before opening your wallet:

1. What do you prioritise, comfort or aesthetic?

Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to go for, the bar stool that would make your kitchen look amazing but looks slightly uncomfortable, or the stool that oozes comfort? If you have trouble deciding, ask your family members or friends, they are probably the ones spending the most time sitting on them after all!

2. How practical and versatile do you need the bar stool to be?

Take a moment to think about questions like does the stool need to be able to swivelled around? Do you need to be able to adjust the seat? How heavy can it be? Will it be used in one area or multiple? Is the fabric suitable for indoors and outdoors?

3. Do you want a bar stool with the extra support for your back or do you prefer a more minimal look?

Like any other stool, having a back often increases the comfort and provides better support for your back. You will be likelier to use it, however, sometimes the height of the back can interfere too much with the aesthetic. If this is the case, you might opt for a stool without a back. You can find bar stools with shorter and taller backs. Spending some time researching the ultimate bar stool that aesthetically fits the space as well as being ergonomic, is time well invested.

Design and types of bar stools

Of course, except for the questions above, you also have to consider the decor of the space you want to furnace. Is the space already visually stimulating? Choose a barstool that will blend into your existing décor. For example, one that matches your dining table will be a good fit. On the other hand, if the space is toned-downed, a bar stool with a contrasting colour will be a nice and interesting detail. Most kitchens will benefit from a splash of colour or new textures.

Bar stools with wooden frame versus metal frame

Wood is a fantastic material to use in your kitchen. It brings both warmth and nature and neutral tones. Additionally, depending on what type of wood you use, the colour and tone of it can change the entire feel of the space. Choosing a wooden frame also adds a sense of uniqueness and character to your kitchen, something that you don't get from a bar stool with a metal frame.

Take a look at your current space. Is it a light, white space? Then it would probably benefit from more warmth! Be on the lookout for a lightwood, except for adding warmth and introducing a natural element into your kitchen, it also gives it a Scandinavian aesthetic. However, if you want to avoid the Scandinavian feel, opt for a dark wood that will bring nice detail and a sense of depth, ambiance, and richness to the space.

While wood ads ambiance and warmth, choosing a stool with a metal frame gives more of a contemporary look. If you already have a lot of wood details in the space, we recommend bar stools with a metal finish as this creates more of a balance. Pairing a metal frame with appliances made of stainless steel will look really good and help you create more of an industrial feeling.

Adding colour to your kitchen

A colourful bar stool can be the ultimate piece of statement furniture in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen decor that is toned-down, a colourful bar stool is definitely for you! Look at what colours you have in your kitchen and which one of them stands out. You want to create contrast. Note, the colour of your bench top, light fixtures or even your floor, this can help you decide what type of stool suits your space!

Whether you’re looking to add colour into your space, bring warmth into a kitchen, make a statement or simply save some space in your dining area, investing in bar stools is an affordable and easy way to elevate your space.

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