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The Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Styling any outdoor area can be challenging, but working with a small space and choosing small outdoor furniture can be especially tricky. Discover how to select pieces that elevate comfort and style in a compact area, be it a balcony, patio or garden. Ensure your outdoor space is both functional and inviting, without feeling overcrowded.

Key Takeaways

  • Intelligent furniture design enhances small outdoor spaces, transforming them into multifunctional retreats through the use of compact and versatile pieces.
  • Correctly measuring your space and selecting furniture that serves multiple purposes is key to maintaining both comfort and style in a small outdoor area.
  • Furniture Bazaar offer a wide range of outdoor furniture, including items ideal for small spaces like balconies, patios and gardens.

Maximising Your Outdoor Space with Smart Furniture Choices

Combining functionality and aesthetics in a small outdoor space may seem like a puzzle, but it’s a challenge that can have beautiful results. Smart furniture choices can transform a balcony, patio or garden into a cosy haven, perfect for basking in the sun or enjoying alfresco meals. It’s not simply about choosing the tiniest pieces; it’s about selecting furniture that’s designed with small spaces in mind.

From compact dining sets to movable seating, the variety of small space-friendly outdoor furniture available is truly incredible. The key lies in understanding the size and layout of your area, as well as the many possible uses of particular furniture. Even the smallest outdoor area can transform into a place of pure relaxation and enjoyment with a well-thought-out approach.

Compact Dining Sets for Alfresco Meals

Compact dining sets are ideal when space is at a premium. Options such as bistro and bar sets are perfectly proportioned for balconies, patios and small gardens. Cosy sets create a snug atmosphere, while modern bar sets make a premium statement; both are perfect for enjoying alfresco meals.

The Victorian V2 3 Piece Outdoor Set is a prime example of a compact dining set. This product exudes vintage charm with an elegant floral pattern, adding a touch of classic style to any balcony, patio or garden. It's constructed from cast aluminium and cast iron with a powder-coated finish, ensuring rust resistance and durability.

Then there’s the Ala-Bistro Outdoor Bar Set, which includes two stools and a table. This contemporary set stands out with its aluminium stools, showcasing an eye-catching design and reinforced circular footrest. It's not only visually appealing but also functional, able to be adjusted to different heights with rust-resistant and UV-resistant properties. This makes it ideal for any outdoor setting.

Seating Solutions for Smaller Areas

When it comes to small outdoor spaces, lounges can be overwhelming. Loveseats and garden benches, like in the Rawson Loveseat Outdoor Set and the Luo Outdoor Garden Bench, fit snugly on balconies, on patios and in small gardens — and they're still wonderful for lounging after a long day!

The ideal small outdoor furniture will be versatile and movable. Swivel chairs, such as those in the Bora Swivel 3 Piece Outdoor Set, make great seating solutions for smaller areas. Their ability to rotate allows individuals to fully experience their outdoor space from different angles, even in constrained areas. Another great example is the Zero Gravity Outdoor Portable Recliner, which can be effortlessly moved around to suit your needs.

Selecting the Right Furniture for a Small Balcony

Choosing the right furniture for a small balcony requires both aesthetic judgment and practical considerations. It requires a sense of style and a practical approach to size and layout. With the right furniture choices, you can turn a small balcony into an outdoor living space that’s functional and inviting.

Measure for the Perfect Fit

Correct measurements pave the way for a well-designed balcony. An accurate floor plan is crucial to ensure your furniture fits comfortably and enhances the space rather than overwhelming it. Take measurements of the boundaries of your balcony and note the height, depth and width of furniture pieces. It’s a rewarding process that will ensure the best fit for your house or apartment.

Understanding the dimensions of your space is not the only important practical factor when considering small balcony furniture. The durability of your furniture is a crucial feature given it will be exposed to the elements. Keep this in mind and determine how far the furniture will be from the edge of your balcony where it is most exposed to the weather.

Play with Colour & Texture

Once you know the furniture dimensions you can work with, it’s time to factor in personality and visual interest. Playing with colour and texture can make your outdoor space feel more inviting. Colours like off-white, soft black and light greys can also give the illusion of a larger space, while natural textures like timber can add a touch of elegance and charm.

Outdoor rugs are a great example of how colour and texture can significantly enhance your balcony’s aesthetic, even if they're a smaller size. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your personality shine through your choice of small balcony furniture!

Making the Most of a Small Patio with Compact Furniture

When furnished correctly, a small patio can become a charming outdoor living space. All you need is the right small outdoor furniture to maximise your patio’s potential and create an inviting area for relaxation or entertaining. From portable or stackable items to statement pieces that save space, there are plenty of ways to make the most of small patio furniture.

Incorporate Portable or Stackable Items

For small patios, portable furniture is a good choice. Compact and easily stored when not in use, portable furniture allows you to save space and create an open area whenever you need it. The Kobara Outdoor Sun Lounger Day Bed offers the perfect blend of comfort and functionality for outdoor relaxation. Equipped with smooth wheels for mobility and an adjustable backrest, it simply adapts to your needs.

Stackable furniture is another great way to save space on a small patio. By neatly stacking chairs or tables when they’re not in use, you can reduce clutter and maximise available space. The Whether family are gathering or it's time to sit back and relax with a good book, your patio is ready and waiting.

Choose Statement Pieces that Save Space

Choosing statement pieces that save space is an excellent approach to small patio furniture. Items such as hanging hammock and egg chairs provide comfortable seating and enhance the atmosphere, while not encroaching on valuable floor space. The compact size of an egg chair, for instance, allows it to be placed in a corner without overwhelming the space. Not to mention, the open design creates an airy feel, avoiding a cramped sensation.

With its elegant features, the Riordan Hanging Hammock stands out as a statement piece that brings a sophisticated touch to any setting. Its space-saving nature lies in its ability to be suspended, freeing up your floor space while providing a beautiful retreat. With this small patio furniture, you can design a stylish and functional outdoor space.

Furnishing a Small Garden with Elegance

With careful planning and the right outdoor furniture, you can turn a small garden into a charming haven. From vertical gardening to dual-purpose items, there are plenty of ways to make this outdoor space the epitome of style and functionality.

Elevate Your Style with Vertical Gardening

Add greenery to your space without taking up too much ground area. Wall planters and hanging baskets provide vertical growing spots for your plants, creating lush green walls that add depth and texture to a small backyard or front yard.

The beauty of vertical gardening is that it’s scalable and adaptable. Whether you want to cover a whole wall with a variety of colourful blooms or make a small herb garden near your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

Combine Comfort and Storage with Dual-Purpose Items

Dual-purpose items are a smart choice for small garden furniture. They offer not only comfort and style, but also useful storage space. For example, the table in the Koonara 3 Piece Outdoor Bar Set includes storage selves. This means you get a compact dining set and storage space in one. On top of that, it features a chic design that will wow your guests.

Certain seating can also double as storage units. Benches with hidden compartments or ottomans with lift-up lids can provide a place to store anything from cushions to games. This helps maintain a clutter-free and serene environment. By smartly selecting such multifunctional items, you can enjoy both the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits of your small garden furniture.

Styling a Small Outdoor Space with Furniture Bazaar

Furniture Bazaar offers a wide range of outdoor furniture options, including small balcony, patio and garden furniture. With our pieces, you can create a stylish and functional outdoor space regardless of its size. Our range of outdoor furniture covers:

These products offer something for every setting, whether that be an apartment balcony, a small house patio or a townhouse garden. With our keen eye for style and practical approach, you'll find space-saving outdoor furniture that is visually appealing, functional and affordable.


Furnishing a small outdoor space, whether it’s a balcony, patio or garden, presents a wonderful opportunity for decorating. With thoughtful planning and smart furniture choices, even the smallest outdoor area can become a stunning retreat. From compact dining sets and seating solutions to vertical gardening and dual-purpose items, there are countless ways to maximise your outdoor living space with it's décor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of furniture are best for small outdoor spaces?

For smaller outdoor areas, it's best to go with compact dining sets, portable or stackable pieces and dual-purpose items that prioritise space and functionality. These options will ultimately bring the most style, comfort and convenience to small spaces.

How can I make my small balcony feel more spacious?

Ensure you accurately measure the area of your balcony before choosing the furniture to keep it from feeling cramped. Then, use colour and texture to provide visual appeal with items like cushions. Have fun decorating and creating a unique outdoor space!

How can I maximise space on my small patio?

Go with foldable or stackable furniture for a small patio so that the pieces can be easily stored when not in use. You can then choose statement pieces that save space while adding style. The result will be a modern, versatile outdoor area.

How can I add elegance to my small garden?

Try implementing vertical gardening techniques like wall planters and hanging baskets to a small garden. These provide an elegant touch while maximising space. Also consider items that are dual-purpose for contemporary pieces that make the most of sophisticated design.

What range of outdoor furniture does Furniture Bazaar offer for small spaces?

Furniture Bazaar offers a variety of outdoor furniture, with many options for small spaces. These include outdoor dining furniture, lounges and hanging egg chairs, swings & hammocks. Browse our range of outdoor furniture online or in-store today!

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