Furniture Bazaar Gift Voucher
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Furniture Bazaar Gift Voucher

Original price $100.00 - Original price $1,000.00
Original price
$100.00 - $1,000.00
Current price $100.00

Need a gift for someone special? Give the gift of choice with a Furniture Bazaar gift voucher!

Let them create a home they love with hundreds of furniture and decor choices. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or housewarming, we’ve got something for everyone and every room.

Digital Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are delivered via email to the nominated email address and will be sent once payment is approved.

Terms & Conditions

Furniture Bazaar Gift Voucher allows the holder to obtain goods or services of equal value to the amount specified on the voucher or the remaining balance after partial redemption. Gift vouchers are only redeemable online at The voucher cannot be exchanged, wholly or partially, for cash, and the value stated on it includes GST. The voucher is partially redeemable, and any unused balance will remain on the voucher and cannot be exchanged for cash.

If the value of the goods or services purchased by the holder of the Gift Voucher exceeds the amount of the voucher, the difference in price must be paid by the Gift Voucher holder.

Gift Vouchers that have been issued as part of a temporary marketing promotion (eg. buy product XYZ and get a free/discounted gift voucher of a certain value) have a 12 month expiry from time of issue.

If Furniture Bazaar suspects any fraudulent activity related to a Gift Voucher, it may refuse to redeem the voucher or cancel the redemption of the voucher. Furniture Bazaar is not responsible for any lost or stolen Gift Vouchers, and the holder should contact Furniture Bazaar immediately if the voucher is lost or stolen. Lost or stolen Gift Vouchers may be replaced at Furniture Bazaar's discretion if satisfactory proof of purchase is provided, and the voucher has not been redeemed.