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Choosing the Right Armchair

Choosing the Right Armchair

Choosing the right armchair for your lounge can be a bit of a challenge.  Its a signature piece and can either work to make or break your lounge room design.  The perfect armchair for you is the one that compliments the style of existing furniture, but that still stands out enough to make people say WOW!


Before you even think about the armchair of your dreams, take time out to consider the other elements in the space first.  Look at your existing furniture, flooring, wall colours and lighting.

You want your armchair to complement your lounge without being matchy-matchy.  An easy way to achieve this if you are set on getting an armchair from the same range as your sofa is to select contrasting upholstery.

Contrasting upholstery offers a point of difference too.  There are no rules saying that your lounge suite needs to all be fabric or all leather.  Mix and match and you will be surprised by the effect. 

The Cameo single leather chair is bold and eye catching, and brings the bling with its chrome armrests.  This chair is a real statement piece and our range of three neutral colours (dark grey, light grey and tan) mean you can match it to your current furniture easily.

The next thing you want to consider is the purpose of the chair.  Will it be included with your lounge suite for additional seating?  Will it be placed away from your current lounge suite into a nook on its own?  If you plan on placing it away from your current lounge furniture, be sure to invest in a side table so that the chair doesn't look like its been orphaned.

The Latika single leather recliner works just as well on its own in a cozy nook as it does as part of a lounge suite.  Its important when placing an armchair on its own to make it a feature by adding a side table and either decorating the table with an eclectic mix of vases or other items or adding a lamp if you plan on using the chair for reading.

When test driving armchairs pay attention to the rake of the chair. The rake determines how far forward or back you can sit. Too far in either direction and the chair will be very uncomfortable very quickly.

Make sure you also consider the depth and height of the armchairs you test too.  You want to be sure that the chair you take home is perfect for both your space and your comfort.

If putting your feet up at the end of the day is on your armchair wish list, then consider an armchair and ottoman combination.    These will work better away from your existing lounge if you’re a little tight for space in the lounge area, but if you have the room to comfortably have both the armchair and its matching ottoman in your space, go for it! 

Both the Diego reclining chair and stool and Alves fabric tub chair with ottoman are perfect for relaxing after a hard day.  Just add in a side table and a glass of whatever tickles your fancy and you’ll be rejuvenated in no time!

Whether you're out looking for the perfect armchair or looking to furnish another room in your  home, come and see our range.  We’ve got stores from Mandurah to Joondalup, so there’s sure to be a store close to you!

Until next time,
Ashley xo

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