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Small Space, Big Impact

Small Space, Big Impact

So, you want to fill your small house but the furniture you have is too large and bulky. Does this sound like a familiar problem to you? Not all furniture is created equal, and some pieces are infinitely more appropriate for smaller spaces! How should you go about furnishing your home? Here are a few tips to get you started...


If you have a small room filled with dark furniture, it’s always going to look smaller. It will also tend to look a bit drab and unfriendly no matter how hard you try to cheer the place up. One way to eliminate this issue is to purchase light, neutral coloured furnishings that reflect light around the room.

Light gray or tan are perfect colour choices for shared spaces, as they add a touch of much-needed warmth to the atmosphere. White is the best for bedrooms because the whole room will look airier and cleaner, helping you sleep more comfortably even in a tiny room.

Tip: Pairing wall-mounted mirrors with light colour palettes can make even the tiniest rooms look spacious and wide open.

The Lawton Queen Bed Suite with Laredo Bedsides opens up this room by using bright white throughout the design to reflect an ample amount of light. Plus, it also doubles as a space saver with built-in storage drawers on the sides!


Cut down on the clutter by searching for essential furnishings with extra drawers, shelves, nooks, and crannies that you can use to store things in lieu of a wardrobe or bookcase. Built-in storage shows up everywhere from beds to tables and helps you keep your home clean and tidy without adding any extra items around the room.

Take a peek around the room and decide what you can switch out to get a bit more storage space. Do you have a flat coffee table? Choose a fabric box, hollowed-out ottoman, or a taller table with drawers instead. Simple swap-outs like these make an enormous impact on your room and help to minimize tight squeezes or awkward piles of clutter.

See how the Bosco Coffee Table has two large built-in drawers? Its design is sturdy, elegant, and clean on the outside, but you can fill the inside with any kind of junk you want and tuck it away neatly out of sight!


Just like built-in storage can be a space-saver, dual use furniture is a surprisingly functional option. Fold-away wall mounted furniture like desks or end tables give you a simple way to keep your space open until the furniture is necessary.

Anyone staying in a one-room studio apartment is also familiar with the debate between having a larger bed or a larger sofa. That conversation can end once and for all with the addition of a sofa bed to your studio. These are also the best friend of anyone that doesn’t have a spare bedroom for guests.

Why not kill two birds with one stone when you have the opportunity?

Versatile options like the Genny Sofa Bed help you get a lot more “oomph” from a small space. You can comfortably sleep two people on this sofa bed and fold it up in the morning to seat three at a time.


What’s the one thing that all small houses have in common? They all have unused ceiling space! Most regular furnishings neglect to use the vertical space in your home. If you want to pack more into your home without blocking all the walking paths inside, you have to look for tall and skinny to replace bulky and short.

The skinny Baltimore Sofa Table is only 35 cm wide, making it a cosy fit for a hall table, an entryway collection spot, or a snug kitchen. It gives two drawers for storage and a spacious open shelf for any taller items, not to mention all the space on top for decoration or storage.


Depending on how much entertaining you do, one of your best options for creating the illusion of more space is simply decreasing the number or size of the seats in your house. Remove excess dining chairs, part ways with your L-shaped corner sofa, and say goodbye to puffed-up reclining chairs. None of these things are bad, but they certainly don’t suit a small house well and they can be replaced with more functional pieces of furniture.

You can easily fit a compact Bartley Fabric Storage Box as an extra seat in your lounge or sitting room. It is short and can be tucked away when it’s not needed. You can also store anything and everything in the spacious cavern inside!

What do you think about these small space furnishing ideas? Do you have any more tips to add? Head over to Facebook to let me know what you think!

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