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5 Tips to help Choose Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

5 Tips to help Choose Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

Organising your home is like trying to make the physical world look like what’s inside of you. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell and everything has a purpose, but you still want it to look great and be functional the same time! If this sounds like an impossible task to you, don’t fear. 

Read on to see how you can pick and choose the best and most timeless furnishings for your home. 


Material is what really matters if you’re looking for top notch furniture. The heart of the furniture determines how much time you can expect it to hang around. Hardwoods like beech, ash, or oak make some of the most beautiful and long-lasting pieces you’ll ever find, especially if they are kiln-dried. However, if wood isn’t your thing you can choose sturdy metal pieces as well. Whatever you do, stay away from particleboard, thin metal, or cheap and disposable plastic. 

This breath-taking Harris 7 Piece Dining Set will be around to look fantastic in your dining room or eat-in kitchen for as long as you love the look of it. 


Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. It happens to the best of us... You’re out looking for something new and you fall in love with a wacky-looking end table showing off some funky shapes and designs. Unfortunately, while you might think it’s the best thing that you ever set your eyes on, it might not be a great choice if you want to keep it around for a while. 

Complex and abstract designs or shapes make furniture a lot more difficult to pair and rearrange. Your crazy piece might look incredible for one specific home layout, but if you decide on a whim to change things up it will be really hard to get it to go. Instead, choose simple, classic shapes that aren’t too complicated. Geometric shapes work wonders to bring out character in your home. 

Notice how the legs of this Bruno Lounge add a very classy and chic look to the whole room? The angled legs on the side table also do wonders for building an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. 


Yes, you want furniture that looks like something you should own not something your grandmother bought in the early 1900s – unless that’s what you like, of course. With that in mind, be wary of trendy furniture and fashionable pieces. What’s cool and in today may be the biggest home decor mistake you’ve ever made by the time 2020 rolls around! 

When in doubt, go with the more classic and traditional designs that won’t ever fade out of style. Forgo the tempting, yet over-the-top displays that will be impossible to justify when you’re showing off your home to guests down the road. Remember that you can add a bit of your personality to anything with non-permanent decorations and accents. But first, you need a basic to build from. 

See how this Houston Bedroom Suite has been dressed up to shine? Colourful sheets and a metallic throw make the plain white bed frame into a spectacular site for snoozing in style while the metallic silver lamp ties the room together and makes the white bedside drawers more than just an accessory piece! 


Bright, vivid colours are the bane of your existence when it comes to redecorating a room! While it’s great to go bold with accessories and trinkets, your furniture pieces should be a bit more muted if you want them to stick with you for the long haul. You might love waking up to that vibrant red dressing table now, but the day you feel like throwing a coat of paint on your walls or shuffling up the furniture you may just regret your choice.

Warm, neutral colours can be great for the sitting room or lounge, while white or other bright neutrals are perfect for the bedroom. Natural wood is timeless and you can never really go wrong with black either. 

The white and wood Bosco Dining Suite has been brought to life with a striking blue floor mat below and textured blue accents on top, not the mention the multi-coloured vases on the buffet to bring even more depth to the design of this room. 


What’s the use of buying classy furniture if you don’t like it or it doesn’t do its job right? Choose only furniture that makes you love your home even more than you do now. Don’t be afraid to give that sofa a good sit in the showroom before you take it home and do some mental measurements to make sure all your goodies will fit into those dresser drawers without trouble. It’s no use buying something that will last forever if you hate it for the entire time you have it! 

You should feel rested and relaxed in your home. A set like this Peru Fabric Lounge Suite is not only attractive and neutral, but it’s also cushy and comfortable enough for a Sunday afternoon nap. 

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