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5 Ways to use Metallics to liven up your home

5 Ways to use Metallics to liven up your home

Oh, what an amazing time the change in seasons can be. One minute its bright and sun-shiny and then next its dull and grey. Winter is coming, and with it comes a long stretch of gloomy weather that will have most people spending more time indoors at home.

There are some great ways to help bring that sunny feeling to your home. Metallics work miracles in the cooler months to add shiny pops of sunshine back into your life. Lets take a look at 5 ways you can introduce some bling to your home.

1. Throw Some Cushions Around

How can you add a little shine to your room? Metallic cushions, of course. These work as well in the boudoir as they do in the lounge. Don't be afraid to use bold metallic cushions in your outdoor rooms either - echoing the theme from inside to out helps unify your look.

Silver works fantastically with lighter furniture. The Lorie 2 seat sofa with chaise looks amazing draped with a silver faux fur rug and a couple of silver scatter cushions. Did you notice the cute silver tray and bling on the side table too? These extra touches are subtle but help bring a space together.

2. Go Bold - Mix & Match Metallics

Worried about mixing your metallics? Don't. Our Sebastian 4 seat theatre lounge looks amazing with these funky geometric throw cushions with gold print, and the copper rug really helps to bring out the silver tones in the fabric. Tres chic.

3. Shine, Shine, Shine

Bling doesn't need to be confined to the furniture. Bring some sparkle to your walls with a feature mirror. Not only do they work like magic to throw light around a room, they also make smaller spaces feel vast, and - lets be honest - they look A-MA-ZING!

And don't forget your floors. Rugs in metallic tones can really make your room pop. A good shag pile metallic rug is a great way to introduce a little theatre into an otherwise plain space.

4. Silver and White is Oh So Right

Is there a more classic colour pairing than silver and white? I don't think so. The metallic side lamps on the Houston bedroom suite really help balance out this space and bring a beautiful light quality to the dark feature wall. The silver tones are echoed in the soft furnishing and rug, unifying the look and giving the feeling of a bright and airy bedroom.

5. Copper + Wood Is Amazingly Good

In truth, any metallic with a warm tone is a deep wood's best friend. Think copper, bronze and gold. Wood can look quite heavy in some settings, but the addition of a some funky metallic cushions, lamps or feature vases add enough reflection and light to the room that it balances against the deep tones of the wood.

Bonus Tip: Not All Metallics Need To Shine

Sometimes all you need is a little matt metallic magic to liven up a space. This little white and matt metallic bowl look amazing with our Harris 7 piece dining suite. The classy and classic look of this dining suite is elevated further by the simple edition of this tiny (not so shiny) bowl.

I'd love to hear what you think of my blogs. Did you get any inspiration for your home? Do you have any ideas you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them! Give me a shout out over on our Facebook page.

Until next time,
Ash xo

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