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Enhance your Interiors with Fresh Flowers

Enhance your Interiors with Fresh Flowers

Nothing quite lifts great furniture more than a gorgeous vase filled with fresh flowers. And the best news is, you can get a really amazing look without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of my tips for creating beautiful flower displays in your home...

Which Flowers?

Choose flowers that compliment your furniture and home decor. You wont need to worry about ornate vases of flowers if you keep your design chic and simple. Its often the most simple floral arrangements that work the best to help elevate a room.

If your home is modern and understated orchids work brilliantly. The good news here is they are perfect indoor plants and can be kept in a gorgeous pot and last for years.

An orchid display is perfect on the Joveen 5 piece dining suite.
It features drop leaves on two sides and is perfect for smaller spaces.

What About Colour?

Flowers are a great way of adding an instant pop of colour to a room. Choose bold colours that compliment your accessories. I just love the way these yellow gladioli echo the colour of the table lamp and the rug. They work brilliantly to add some height to this space too.

Here we've used a white vase in a cluster to amplify the design aesthetic and give a real modern feel to this room.
The vase is sitting on the Oren Buffet.  The dining suite pictured is Oren 7 Piece Dining Suite with Black Santo Chairs.

The best rule of thumb is to stick with flowers that work with your existing colour scheme. If your home has a limited colour palette then a bright burst of colour from a bunch of flowers with a single colour is a really effective choice to add energy to your space.

If in doubt, white is always a winner. You really can't go wrong with an all white bouquet. White is always a chic choice. Remember to add in some glossy greenery to set off the white of the flowers.

These white peonies are really set off in an aqua vase.  The green leaves give a wonderful contrast and help the flowers stand out.
They're a great compliment to this otherwise monochromatic room.  Floral arrangement sits on Burlington Tallboy.
Also pictured Burlington Queen Bed and Burlington Bedside.


Get Creative!

What makes a vase a vase? I'm sure there is some fancy theory behind the best vase, but when I'm highlighting my home decor I tend to be a little creative and use whatever works well with my flowers in the space. I've used almost everything from bottles and jars to painted soup cans and even serving platters and bowls. The rule here is that there are none. Use whatever works in your space to highlight your furnishings and your personal style.

How amazing does this look?
Achieving this look at home is super simple - all you need is a handful of flowers and a beautiful jar.  Too easy!


One Last Tip

Keep your flowers fresh. Nothing dulls the shine of your well thought out interior design than droopy, dead and dying flowers. Make sure you strip any leaves from the stems below the water line, change the water every two days and re-cut your stems on an angle.

There is nothing like fresh flowers to add brightness to a room. I'd love to see the floral arrangements you're using at home on your Furniture Bazaar pieces. Share them with me on Facebook.

Until next time,

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