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Benefits of a Spine Reflex Mattress

Benefits of a Spine Reflex Mattress

While it might not be up there with making a career change or moving to a new city, selecting the right mattress for you is still a pretty big life decision. If you make the wrong choice, you could be in for sleepless nights and multiple visits to the chiropractor.

Thankfully, the Spine Reflex mattress range is here to make the decision process a whole lot easier. Using the latest materials and techniques in mattress technology, the Spine Reflex range has been designed to provide optimal sleep comfort. Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll love the Spine Reflex mattress range.

Full Body Support

A Spine Reflex mattress is comprised of 5 zones or sections that each offer varying levels of support. Each zone has been built to accommodate for the general shape and weight of each part of your body, from your head and shoulders to your waist, knees and feet. When you lay on a Spine Reflex mattress, it actively balances your body and ensures your spine is in alignment.

No matter whether you’re a side, back or tummy sleeper, the 1,500 micro pocket springs within the mattress will contour to your body and assist you to sleep well in your preferred position. Side sleepers in particular will benefit from the high/low coils in the shoulder zone as it provides extra relief on pressure points in that area.

The coil or spring count of a mattress will give you a good indication of its ability to support your body. At 1,500, the Spine Reflex is well above the recommended 1,000 count. With more springs, the mattress has more points of contact with your body, naturally leading to greater support.

Minimal Disruption

There’s nothing worse than sleeping next to someone who tosses and turns all night long. On top of providing maximum support, the Spine Reflex mattress range also significantly reduces partner disturbance.

Each individual spring inside the mattress sits within its own fabric pocket. By keeping the springs separate from one another, there is less likely to be a tidal wave of motion. When one person moves and disrupts the springs beneath them, the surrounding springs will remain relatively still. This ensures each person will barely feel the movement of the other throughout the night.

Another common sleeping problem is the partner who likes to take up all the space in the bed. When forced onto the edge of the mattress, quality sleep is much more difficult to achieve, unless you’re sleeping on a Spine Reflex mattress.

With foam box construction around the perimeter of the mattress, the Spine Reflex range offers firm and steady support even when sleeping on the edge. It allows you to use the full surface area of the mattress, ensuring your body is well-supported no matter where you’re positioned.

Temperature Control

It can be challenging to get a restful night of sleep during Perth’s summer months. Fans and air conditioners can help to beat the heat at night, but the added noise and increased use of electricity is less than ideal. The best way to stay cool at night is to sleep on a mattress that’s built to handle the heat.

Like many mattresses, the Spine Reflex range contains a layer of memory foam for added comfort. While memory foam is excellent for providing pressure point relief, it is also notorious for retaining heat. To overcome this, the memory foam layer has been infused with Gel Visco to allow the material to breathe and the heat to escape.

Additional layers have been incorporated into the mattress to further assist with temperature control. By using pure, natural latex in the comfort layer and tencel fabric in the top layer, the mattress remains cool to the touch.


When the time eventually comes to dispose of your mattress, it’s best to have it recycled, rather than allowing it to be dumped in landfill. Both the natural latex and tencel fabric layers in the Spine Reflex range are biodegradable. Tencel Fabric is a fibre made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, while natural latex is derived from the fluid inside native Brazilian trees.

Premium Density Options

In the quest to provide maximum comfort, the Spine Reflex range offers a selection of densities. You can choose from firm, medium and plush premium density foam in line with your personal preferences. Each density variety offers the same overall benefits, simply providing different levels of comfort to cater to different sleeping styles.

Exclusive to Furniture Bazaar, the Spine Reflex mattress range is on sale now. If you want to get up on the right side of the bed each day, visit one of Furniture Bazaar’s Perth stores to try the range for yourself.

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